Monday, October 29, 2012

pre Baby


 My handsome scout getting his 2nd year cub scout award. This is about two weeks before I gave birth.

Alyssa's room is ready for her arrival

April 2012 cont.

The Dalton cousins- back (left to right) Logan, Emily, Kaitlyn, Austin, Brayden, Colin, Cameron and Evan
Emily, Colin and Brayden 
Austin and Emily
Fun at Shawn and Jessica's reception

Catching up...

Ok reverting back to February of 2012, our sweet Colin turned 12!
He does this funky thing with his right eye. Quite talented...wouldn't you agree?!
In April, Cameron turned 9, and was so happy to get a 'trick bike'
Baby Brother got MARRIED!!!
Jessica is a wonderful addition to our family and for Shawn!
The family sans children & sans Katrina (she had her baby earlier that week)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAY 4, 2012
7 LBS. 10 OZ
18.5 inches long

photos by Lanay Swanson Photography

She is definately the princess in our home.  The boys are constantly loving on her!  They ask to hold her all the time, give her precious head kisses, say 'you're so cute pretty, pretty princess' & and have not been at all jealous!  Maybe Austin a little bit but I think it's more boredom with mom being a bit more busy with Alyssa.
We were thrilled to find out back in December what the sex of this baby was going to be!  But it still didn't sink in until she came to this world and I could see she was really a girl (and could put a bow in her hair)!  We were expecting a boy and would've been ecstatic with another handsome young man in our family.  It's almost still surreal, but we are loving having a little person with us again.  It's been 5 1/2  years since Austin was born and I personally just love the spirit that accompanies a newborn.  The whole atmosphere in our home has changed for the better.
It has taken an emotional toll on me, though getting used to the ups and downs after giving birth.  It was bad the first couple of weeks, mainly because due to the c-section I couldn't drive for two weeks.  But it has gotten progressively better and we are learning what ms. Alyssa needs and how to handle her.  This is #4 baby, but I feel like I'm starting all over.  I can definately say though that I am much more relaxed than with Colin! 
Chris has been amazing the past 4 weeks since she joined our family.  He hasn't criticized my emotional rollercoaster, and has been an angel to step up and care for the boys as I get used to my new life!  I am so grateful for my children, for my husband, and for amazing friends and family that are so thoughtful and caring.  I want to be like all of you when I grow up!
We honestly thought we were done having children a few years ago.  Then last spring/summer I started getting 'the itch' for another child.  A dear friend having a sweet #4 also didn't help my situation.  So, after much prayer and thought we decided there was an angel in heaven waiting to join our family.  I found out in August that I was pregnant.  I also found out my little sister, Katrina was expecting too, and our due dates were 4 days apart.  We never thought we'd have kids that were the same age, since there is 6 years between us. 
Her little man Matthew Aaron came real early on April 16, 2012.  We are thrilled that they will be buddies as they grow up!  More pics to come of Matthew

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Austin had his Christmas program at preschool and it was the most precious thing to watch. He loves to sing! He was one of the three wise men. He was so into it and at times we could hear his raspy little voice...but he was definately not the loudest! (video below)
Cameron is playing basketball this winter. It's quite an experience watching their 'beginners' team during the games! Luckily they have the most patient, loving and calm coach to teach them the basics of the game.